Nummer achttien  at the SOHO HOUSE Roma IT, April  – 21th, 2024 at 6pm.


Nummer achttien  at the LO SCHERMO DELL’ARTE 16th Edition. Florence IT, November 15 – 19, 2023


Nummer achttien  at the 52 edition of Festival de Nouveau Cinema. Montreal CA, November 4 – 15, 2023


Nummer achttien at Linge film  with me and Suze (my alterego in the film in Q&A) in Geldermalsen NL, October 11th, 2023


Nummer achttien now available on dvd in Dutch.

on PiùCompagnia in collaboration with MYmovies

Free admission under 30


Nummer achttien now available on dvd in Dutch.


Nummer achttien in Dutch to watch online.


Nummer achttien shown in these Dutch cinemas in March:

Utrecht   Louis Hartloper Complex 12h(12:15), 14th (19:15) and 15th (21:15)

Amersfoort   De Lieve Vrouw : 12th (21:15), 13th (18:15) and the 15th (16:10)

Amsterdam  Eye 11th (21:35 & 23:16), 12th (19:00 & 2-:41), 13th (I 17:15&18:56), 14th (21:15 &23:08 with Q&A) and the 15th (16:35 & 18:16)

Ketelhuis  every night accept Tuesday at 18:45

De Balie  11th till the 15th at different times.

Focus  in Arnhem 14th (11:10), 15th (21:30) 11th of April at (19:oo) with q&a

Den Haag Filmhuis different dates, 15th at 19:15 with Q&A

Mimik in Deventer 12th (18:20), 14th (19:00) and the 15th (14:00)

Forum in Groningen 13th (18:40)

Schuur in Haarlem different times 11th-15th

Filmtheater in Hilversum 12th (19:15), 13th (13:45) and the 14th (16:45)

Kijkhuis in Leiden 13th (16:45 & 21:00)

Lumiere in Maastricht 12th (19:00)

Lux in Nijmegen 12th (12:45)

Lantarenvenster in Rotterdam 13th (16:45 & 21:00)

Fraterhuis in Zwolle 11th (17:00) and 15th (18:40)

Concordia in Enschede 27th  (19:30) with Q&A